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Bacon Shortback (Chilled) – 200g
Bacon Shortback (Chilled ) – 500g
Bacon Shoulder (Chilled) – 200g
Bacon Shoulder (Chilled) – 500g
Bacon Streaky (Chilled) – 200g
Bacon Streaky (Chilled) – 500g
Bacon Bits (Chilled) – 200g
Bacon Bits (Chilled) – 500g
Bacon Neck (Chilled) – 500g
Neck Steacon – 600g
Smoked Bacon Patties – (4x150g)
Smoked Bacon Patties (Cheese) – (4x150g)


Salami (Whole)
Salami (Sliced) – 125g
Salami (VIP) (Sliced ) – 250g
Salami (VIP) (Sliced) – 500g
Salami (VIP) (Sliced) – 1Kg
Salami Pepper (Whole)
Salami Pepper (Sliced) – 125g
Salami Pepper (Sliced ) – 250g


Hickory Ham Cater (Whole)
Hickory Ham Cater (Sliced) – 125g
Hickory Ham Cater (Sliced ) – 250g
Hickory Ham Cater (Sliced) – 500g
Hickory Ham Cater (Sliced) – 1Kg
Continental Cooked Ham (Whole)
Continental Cooked Ham (Sliced) – 125g
Continental Cooked Ham (Sliced ) – 250g
Continental Cooked Ham (Sliced) – 500g
Hickory Ham Tradi. Smoked (Whole)
Hickory Ham Tradi. Smoked (Sliced) – 125g
Hickory Ham Tradi. Smoked (Sliced ) – 250g
Pizza Ham
Pizza Ham (Sliced) – 125g
Pizza Ham (Sliced ) – 250g
Pizza Ham (Sliced) – 500g
Pizza Ham (Sliced) – 1Kg
Sandwich Ham (Whole)
Sandwich Ham (Sliced) – 125g
Sandwich Ham (Sliced ) – 250g
Sandwich Ham (Sliced) – 500g
Sandwich Ham (Sliced) – 1Kg
Pepper Ham (Whole)
Pepper Ham (Sliced) – 125g
Pepper Ham (Sliced ) – 250g

Liver Spread

Liver Spread – 250g

Cheese Grillers

Cocktail Cheesegriller 500g
Cocktail Cheesegriller 2Kg
Frankfurter – 500g
Cheesegriller – 500g
Cheesegriller – 2Kg


Roast Beef (Sliced) – 125g
Roast Beef (Sliced ) – 250g
Pastrami (Sliced) – 125g
Pastrami (Sliced ) – 250g


Creekside Craft Vienna – 500g
Creekside Craft Cheese Vienna – 500g


Marinated Ribs – Sweet & Sticky
Marinated Ribs – BBQ
Marinated Ribs – Cape Malay

Elevate your event with our bulk offerings

We invite you to elevate your event with our bulk offerings. Whether it’s a grand wedding feast, a bustling restaurant menu, or a catered soirée, let our passion for quality and dedication to craftsmanship be the cornerstones of your culinary success.

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